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Cajun French: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Acadia Parish, LouisianaAllen Parish, LouisianaList of Louisiana parishes by French-speaking populationNew Orleans

Question 2:

Question 3:
Who of the following spoke at the Cajun French?
Unknown number of learners
unknown numbers elsewhere,
Official population are unknown.

Question 4: The primary region where Cajun French is spoken is called Acadiana (not to be confused with ________, which refers to the region where Acadian French is spoken).
AcadiaNewfoundland (island)French colonial empireNew France

Question 5: Through the ________ language, Cajun is ultimately descended from the dialects of Anjou and Poitou.
Cajun FrenchAcadian FrenchQuebec FrenchCanadian French

Question 6: The term "________" is reported to have derived from the English pronunciation of the French word Acadien.
English AmericanItalian AmericanCajunFrench American

Question 7: In addition to this, some Louisiana universities, such as ________, offer courses in Cajun French in the hopes of preserving the language.
Florida State UniversityIowa State UniversityLouisiana State UniversityVanderbilt University

Question 8: Cajun was not only spoken by the ________ people but also by other ethnic groups that lived in Acadian settled areas.
French AmericanCajunEnglish AmericanItalian American

Question 9: Currently, Cajun French is considered an ________.
Extinct languageEndangered languageLanguage revitalizationLanguage death

Question 10: In 1755 (during the French and Indian War), about 75% of the ________ population living in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia was deported in what is often known as the Great Expulsion (Grand Dérangement).
French diasporaAcadiansFrench CanadianCajun


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