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Café: Quiz


Question 1: A coffeeshop, which exist in the former country, is an establishment which sells soft drugs (________ and hashish) and is generally not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages.
CannabisScopolamineMandrake (plant)Amitriptyline

Question 2: In southern England, especially around ________ in the 1950s, the French pronunciation was often shortened to /ˈkæf/ and spelt caff [7].

Question 3: ________ (CAFE)
Corporate Average Fuel EconomyGreenhouse gas emissions by the United StatesNew Energy for AmericaUnited States emission standards

Question 4: In the Netherlands and ________, a café is a the equivalent of a bar, an establishment selling alcoholic beverages.
SpainDenmarkBelgiumUnited Kingdom

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