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Caesar's Rhine bridges: Quiz


Question 1: As an alternative site a place south of ________ has been mentioned.

Question 2: He crossed with his troops over to the eastern site and burned some villages but found that the tribes of the Sugambri and ________ had moved eastward.
AlamanniSuebiAnglesGermanic peoples

Question 3: During the conquest of ________ it became necessary to secure the eastern border of the new provinces against marauding Germanic tribes.
GaulGaulsCeltsLa Tène culture

Question 4: With Roman colonization of the Rhine valley more permanent bridges were built later at Xanten, ________, Koblenz, and Mainz.

Question 5: In addition, as he indicated in his Commentary on the Gallic War, this approach conformed more to the dignity of the ________.
Auxiliaries (Roman military)Imperial Roman armyRoman armyRoman Navy

Question 6: The actual construction of Caesar's first bridge took place most likely between ________ and Neuwied, downstream of Koblenz on the Rhine River.
AndernachSpay, GermanyMayenVallendar

Question 7: Caesar's Bridge across the Rhine, the first two bridges to cross the Rhine River, were built by Julius Caesar and his legionaries during the ________ in 55 BC and 53 BC, respectively.
Roman RepublicPompeyGallic WarsAugustus


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