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Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (arcade game): Quiz


Question 1: Zeke - a ________ which only uses airborne attacks fitting to his winged nature.

Question 2: Shivat - a tyrannosaurus-rex, this 12-feet ________ is commonly found sleeping but will wake up in a rampage if disturbed by fat guys hitting him.
Young Earth creationismLeviathanAuthorized King James VersionBehemoth

Question 3: Bludge - this ________-looking creature is a human-reptile hybrid created by Dr.
BlankaGuile (Street Fighter)CammyM. Bison

Question 4: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs at the ________
Golden age of video arcade gamesMobyGames3D modelingKiller List of Videogames

Question 5: Attributes: The "powerhouse" of the game, Mess equals to Mike Haggar from ________ series.
Street Fighter Alpha 2Street FighterStreet Fighter AlphaFinal Fight

Question 6: Rock Hopper (commonly R. Hopper) - a kind of ________.

Question 7: ) is a 1993 arcade game released by ________.
Street FighterFinal FightCapcomViewtiful Joe

Question 8: These former ________ players attack with basic punches and kicks, with addition of running shoulder charges and a painful jumping hip smash.
Touch football (American)Gridiron footballArena footballAmerican football

Question 9: They jump a lot and attack with fast punches and kicks, shoulder butts, jump kicks and even throwing ________ (for Punk) and TNT bundles (for Thug) - which they can drop when killed.
Land mineHand grenadeGunpowderFrance

Question 10: It is a side-scrolling beat 'em up based on the ________ series Xenozoic Tales.
Comic bookComicsAmerican comic bookGraphic novel


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