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Question 1: In heraldry, cadency is any systematic way of distinguishing similar ________ belonging to members of the same family.
Unofficial emblem of TurkeyCoat of armsRoyal coat of arms of ScotlandRoyal coat of arms of the United Kingdom

Question 2: The ________ uses a plain white label.
Duke of CornwallEdward VIII of the United KingdomPrince of WalesCharles, Prince of Wales

Question 3: for the second son, a ________ (the points upward, as is conventional in heraldry);
CrescentIslamAsiaMiddle East

Question 4: See Armorial des Cap├ętiens and ________ for an illustration of the variety.
Armorial of PlantagenetAnne NevilleHouse of PlantagenetHenry II of England

Question 5: Because of the ________ system, only one bearer of any given surname may bear plain arms.
Highland ClearancesScottish HighlandsTartanScottish clan

Question 6: Brisures are generally exempt from the ________.
Tincture (heraldry)Sable (heraldry)Rule of tinctureErmine (heraldry)

Question 7: There are no actual "rules" for members of the ________, because they are theoretically decided ad hoc by the sovereign.
Jagiellon dynastyRoyal familyRoyal houseMerovingian dynasty


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