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Question 1: A cadaver, corpse or lich is a dead ________ body.
MindHuman evolutionHomoHuman

Question 2: The ________ may swell and the penis may become hard.
DigestionHuman pharynxSensory systemTongue

Question 3: During this stage, flies (when present) start to lay eggs in the openings of the body: eyes, nostrils, mouth, ________, open wounds, and other orifices.
PenisSensory systemBreastEar

Question 4: These were known as the ________.
Robert KnoxBurke and Hare murdersCounty DonegalEdinburgh

Question 5: Embalming fluid is then pumped into the body via an artery (commonly ________, or femoral).
Carotid sinusSubclavian arteryCommon carotid arteryArterial tree

Question 6: Realizing the possible profit, they murdered sixteen people by ________ over the next year and sold their bodies to Knox.
Altitude sicknessAsphyxiaHypoxia (medical)Decompression sickness

Question 7: The ________ term cadaver is normally used for a body being used in medical training or research.
Roman EmpireVulgar LatinOld LatinLatin

Question 8: ________, the man famous for discovering the circulatory system, was so dedicated he dissected his father and sister.
HeartIbn al-NafisArteryWilliam Harvey

Question 9: ________ is the chemical that is used as the main embalming chemical now.

Question 10: In many countries, corpses buried in coffins are ________.

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