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Cacomistle: Quiz


Question 1: The Cacomistle (Bassariscus sumichrasti) is a nocturnal, ________ and omnivorous member of the carnivoran family Procyonidae.
Arboreal locomotionColugoBrachiationPrimate

Question 2: This is especially true in ________, where it inhabits only a very small area.
MexicoDominican RepublicCosta RicaNicaragua

Question 3: Nowhere in its range (from southern ________ to western Panama) is B. sumichrasti common.
NicaraguaUnited StatesMexicoPhilippines

Question 4: Its preferred habitats are wet, tropical evergreen woodlands and mountain forests, though seasonally it will range into drier ________ forests.
Autumn leaf colorLeafPlantDeciduous


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