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Cable television headend: Quiz


Question 1: ________
NTSCUltra high frequencyNorth American broadcast television frequenciesTelevision channel frequencies

Question 2: One can also find head ends in ________ (PLC) substations and Internet communications networks.
ModemWi-FiPower line communicationWiMAX

Question 3: A device called a ________ at the local station's facilities feed their programming over this line to the cable TV headend, which in turn receives it with another device called a demodulator.
Amplitude-shift keyingModulationPhase-shift keyingOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexing

Question 4: Some cable TV systems receive the local television stations' programming by dedicated coaxial or ________ line, installed between the local station and the headend.
OpticsOptical fiberGlassTransparency and translucency

Question 5: STB's (Set top boxes) or ________ are required to receive these digital signals and are provided by the cable operator themselves.
CableCARDOpenCable Application PlatformDigiCipher 2Broadcast flag

Question 6: Since each terrestrial channel represents a defined ________, a dedicated commercial-grade receiving antenna is needed for each channel that the cable company wishes to receive and distribute.
FrequencySoundElectromagnetic radiationWave

Question 7: ________
North American cable television frequenciesNorth American broadcast television frequenciesNTSCTelevision channel frequencies

Question 8: Digital channels are usually received on an L band ________ stream from a satellite, which uses multiplexing.
Quadrature amplitude modulationModemPhase-shift keyingOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexing

Question 9: Cable television signals are then mixed in accordance with the cable system's channel numbering scheme using a series of cable ________ (one for each channel), which is in turn fed into a frequency multiplexer.
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexingModulationPhase-shift keyingAmplitude-shift keying

Question 10: Using QAM (________), a CATV operator can place usually up to eight channels on one specific frequency so channel 2 may actually be carrying channels 2-10 in your city.
ModemPhase-shift keyingOrthogonal frequency-division multiplexingQuadrature amplitude modulation


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