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Cable modem: Quiz


Question 1: They are commonly deployed in ________, Europe, and North and South America.
United KingdomCanadaBarbadosAustralia

Question 2: The Network Layer (Layer 3) is implemented as a IP host in that it has its own ________ used by the network operator to maintain the device.
IPv6IP addressClassless Inter-Domain RoutingIPv4

Question 3: Virtually all cable modems operating in the field today are compliant with one of the ________ versions.
Cable modem termination systemDOCSISVoice over Internet ProtocolEthernet

Question 4: The standard is in little use now while new providers use, and existing providers having changed to, the ________ standard.
Cable modemDOCSISEthernetVoice over Internet Protocol

Question 5: Com21 was another early pioneer in cable modems, and quite successful until proprietary systems were made obsolete by the ________ standardization.
EthernetCable modem termination systemVoice over Internet ProtocolDOCSIS

Question 6: Some cable modems may incorporate a router and a ________ server to provide the LAN with IP network addressing.
Address Resolution ProtocolDynamic Host Configuration ProtocolIPv6IPv4

Question 7: For a number of years cable Internet access was only available in Sydney, Melbourne and ________ via CDLP.
AustraliaPerth, Western AustraliaBrisbaneDarwin, Northern Territory

Question 8: Cable modems are primarily used to deliver ________ in the form of cable Internet, taking advantage of the high bandwidth of a cable television network.
Integrated Services Digital NetworkBroadband Internet accessSatellite Internet accessWiMAX

Question 9: As an ________ network node, cable modems support functionalities at other layers.
IPv6IPv4Classless Inter-Domain RoutingIP address

Question 10: The PSTN-based service was considered 'one way cable' and had many of the same drawbacks as ________ service and, as a result, it quickly gave way to two-way cable.
Satellite televisionCommunications satelliteSatellite Internet accessWiMAX

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