Cable: Quiz

Question 1: Single cable (from time to time this name is used for ________)

Question 2: ________
Mineral-insulated copper-clad cableFireproofingPassive fire protectionCircuit integrity

Question 3: An optical cable contains one or more ________ in a protective jacket that supports the fibers.
Optical fiberTransparency and translucencyOpticsGlass

Question 4: For power transmission at distances greater than a few kilometres see ________, power cables and HVDC.
Electric power transmissionCross-linkHigh voltage cableElectrical breakdown

Question 5: Three of the principal design techniques are shielding, coaxial geometry, and ________ geometry.
8P8CTIA/EIA-568-BTwisted pairCategory 5 cable

Question 6: Copper wires in a cable may be bare, or they may be plated with a thin layer of another metal, most often tin but sometimes ________, silver or some other material.

Question 7: Simple shielding of this type is not greatly effective against low-frequency magnetic fields, however - such as magnetic "hum" from a nearby power ________.
InductorNikola TeslaTransformer typesTransformer

Question 8: For transmission see: Power cable, ________ and HVDC
Cross-linkElectrical breakdownHigh voltage cableElectric power transmission

Question 9: In ________ cables, otherwise known as wire ropes, are used for lifting, hauling and towing or conveying force through tension.
Introduction to quantum mechanicsSchrödinger equationQuantum mechanicsMechanics

Question 10: Any current-carrying conductor, including a cable, radiates an ________.
Maxwell's equationsElectromagnetic radiationElectromagnetic fieldElectromagnetism

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