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Question 1:
  • Prime Minister: ________
    Susilo Bambang YudhoyonoMa Ying-jeouAbhisit VejjajivaLee Hsien Loong

Question 2: The head of state, who is the President of Singapore, is a member of both the executive ________ and the Parliament of Singapore but plays a minimal role in them.
Cabinet of SingaporeOutline of political sciencePolitics of BhutanGovernment of Singapore

Question 3: [18] The ________, the Supreme Head of State of Malaysia, also ceased to be the Supreme Head of Singapore and relinquished his sovereignty, jurisdiction, power and authority, executive or otherwise in respect of Singapore, which revested in the Yang di-Pertuan Negara of Singapore.
Yang di-Pertuan AgongBarisan NasionalPakatan RakyatMalaysian general election, 2008

Question 4: Apart from that the executive branch of the Singapore Government remained largely unchanged,[17] although now it governed a state within a larger ________.
Federal republicFederationRepublicConfederation

Question 5: The earliest predecessor of the Cabinet was the Executive Council of the ________, introduced in 1877 to advise the Governor of the Straits Settlements.
Malayan UnionFederated Malay StatesStraits SettlementsNorth Borneo

Question 6: Jennings, Ivor (1980), Cabinet Government (3rd ed.), Cambridge: ________, ISBN 0521054303, ISBN 9780521095709  .
Authorized King James VersionEnglandCambridge University PressOxford University Press

Question 7: On separation from Malaysia, the Singapore Government retained its executive authority, and the executive authority of the ________ ceased to extend to Singapore and vested in the Singapore Government.
Grand National Assembly of TurkeyParliament of SingaporeDiet of JapanParliament of Malaysia

Question 8: Singapore inherited a ________ of government from the British.
Commonwealth realmWestminster systemParliamentary systemPrime minister

Question 9: In the 1959 general elections, the People's Action Party swept to power with 43 out of the 51 seats in the Assembly, and ________ became the first Prime Minister of Singapore.
Lee Hsien LoongGoh Chok TongLee Kuan YewS. Rajaratnam

Question 10: In February 1996 it was reported that a survey of 19 countries by the ________ magazine World Link had found that political leaders and senior civil servants of Singapore had the highest salaries.
JordanUnited StatesUnited KingdomWorld Economic Forum

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