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Question 1: [11] Other Tuscan wine regions followed suit, blending Cabernet Sauvignon with ________ and even making varietal versions of the grape.
NebbioloCabernet SauvignonSangioveseBarbera

Question 2: Premium examples are often blended with Malbec and produce full, tannic wines with ________ and tobacco notes.
Leather skirtButtonWoolLeather

Question 3: Throughout Bordeaux there is a legal maximum permitted yield of 50 ________ (hl) per hectare (ha).
Metric systemPintUnited States customary unitsLitre

Question 4: Dishes that include oak-influenced flavors and aromas normally found in Cabernet Sauvignon—such as ________, brown sugar, nutmeg and vanilla—can also pair well.

Question 5: Even within the American oak family, the location of the oak source will also play a role with oak from the state of Oregon having more pronounced influence on Cabernet Sauvignon than oak from ________, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Question 6: [3] Overall the grape lags far behind ________ in New Zealand's red wine grape plantings.
Pinot grisGewürztraminerChardonnayPinot noir

Question 7: In Bordeaux, the soil aspect of ________ was historically an important consideration in determining which of the major Bordeaux grape varieties were planted.
VintagePrecision viticultureHarvest (wine)Terroir

Question 8: ________ and proteins reduce the perception of tannins on the palate.
LipidTrans fatFatFatty acid

Question 9: [5] Compared to its Cabernet parent, Malian appears to lack ________ in the subepidermal cells but retains them in the epidermis, whereas Shalistin has no anthocyanins in either layer.

Question 10: As ________ has increased the number of warm vintage years, the possibility of creating varietal Cabernet in Bordeaux has also increased, making the decision to blend based more on ideology and tradition.
Global warming controversyScientific opinion on climate changeKyoto ProtocolGlobal warming

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