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Question 1: This type of design was widely, though not commonly, used throughout Europe in the first half of the 20th century, often in conjunction with an enclosed body design and/or ________.
AmtrakChicagoStreamlinerPioneer Zephyr

Question 2: automobile design using the cab forward concept was the Pacer, introduced in 1975 by ________ (AMC).
AMC AmbassadorRambler RebelAmerican MotorsAMC Concord

Question 3: The cab forward design was widely used by the ________, which developed it to deal with the peculiar problems of its routes.
AmtrakUnion Pacific RailroadAtchison, Topeka and Santa Fe RailwaySouthern Pacific Transportation Company

Question 4: The term cab forward refers to various rail and ________ vehicle designs which place the driver's compartment substantially farther towards the front than is common practice.

Question 5: Southern Pacific commissioned ________ to build a prototype cab-forward locomotive, then ordered more before the prototype had even arrived.
Fairbanks-MorseAmerican Locomotive CompanyBaldwin Locomotive WorksTredegar Iron Works

Question 6: In ________ design, a cab forward design will typically have the driver's compartment placed immediately forward of the firebox at the very front of the engine while the fireman's station remains on the footplate behind the firebox (for obvious reasons).
4-6-24-6-4Steam locomotive4-8-4

Question 7: Numerous models built from 1993 to 2004 on the Chrysler LH platform, the JA and JR platforms ("cloud cars"), and the PL platform (Neon), were specifically ________ as cab forward cars.
Business marketingAdvertisingMarketing managementMarketing

Question 8: One example of the type, Southern Pacific 4294, is kept at the California State Railroad Museum in ________.
San Jose, CaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaSan DiegoLos Angeles


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