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Question 1: The suffix has also been used for libraries, such as Gtk# (a .NET wrapper for GTK+ and other ________ libraries), Cocoa# (a wrapper for Cocoa) and Qt# (a .NET language binding for the Qt toolkit).
XfceGNOMELXDEEnlightenment (window manager)

Question 2: Syntax for documentation comments and their ________ markup is defined in a non-normative annex of the ECMA C# standard.
Scalable Vector GraphicsHTMLXMLXHTML

Question 3:
C Sharp (programming language) influenced who out of the following people?

Question 4:
What paradigm does C Sharp (programming language) belong to?

Question 5:
What license is C Sharp (programming language) distributed under?
Apache License v2.0
CLR Proprietary
Closed Source server, GPL client
Artistic License 2.0

Question 6: The same standard also defines rules for processing of such comments, and their transformation to a plain ________ document with precise rules for mapping of CLI identifiers to their related documentation elements.
HTMLXHTMLXMLScalable Vector Graphics

Question 7: MonoDevelop, an open-source C# IDE for ________ Windows and Mac OS X
SCO-Linux controversiesLinuxGNUOpenSolaris

Question 8:
Who designed C Sharp (programming language)?

Question 9: C# became an ________ standard in 2003 (ISO/IEC 23270:2006 - Information technology—Programming languages—C#).
ISO 3166International Organization for StandardizationOpenDocumentISO 3166-1

Question 10:
Who of the following did C Sharp (programming language) influence?
D, F#, Java 5, Nemerle, Vala
Ravi Zacharias,
Govaert Flinck
Tao Lin


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