CT: Quiz

Question 1: ________, the capital city of the province of Catania, in Sicily, Italy

Question 2: ________, via United States postal abbreviation
MaineConnecticutMassachusettsRhode Island

Question 3: ________, a Canadian company engaged in retailing, financial services and petroleum
Tim HortonsCanadian TireResearch In MotionSuncor Energy

Question 4: Conister Trust, an ________ based financial institution.
United KingdomRepublic of IrelandIsle of ManJersey

Question 5: ________, a time zone in Canada, the United States, and Mexico
Central Time Zone (Americas)Guadalajara, JaliscoMountain Time ZoneMexico City

Question 6: ________, a rotary engine that extracts energy from a flow of combustion gas
Diesel engineGas turbinePower-to-weight ratioInternal combustion engine

Question 7: ________, a special kind of transformer used in the electrical power industry
Electrical impedanceAlternating currentCurrent transformerTransformer types

Question 8: ________, Kent, UK, via UK postcodes
Herne Bay, KentFordwichWhitstableCanterbury

Question 9: ________, the practices, tactics, and strategies used by governments and militaries to fight terrorism
Pakistan and state terrorismIslamic terrorismCounter-terrorismSuicide attack

Question 10: ________ a word sometimes used for antimatter
AntimatterNuclear fusionElectronAntiproton

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/CT)