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Question 1: Similar differences in terms of reference account for CRYPTREC recommending at least one stream cipher, ________, while the NESSIE report specifically said that it was notable that they had not selected any of those considered.
Initialization vectorSymmetric-key algorithmT-functionRC4

Question 2: CRYPTREC is the Cryptography Research and Evaluation Committees set up by the Japanese Government to evaluate and recommend ________ techniques for government and industrial use.
CryptographySteganographySignals intelligenceEspionage

Question 3: It is comparable in many respects to the ________'s NESSIE project and to the Advanced Encryption Standard process run by NIST in the U.S..
European UnionDenmarkGermanyEuropean Parliament

Question 4: CRYPTREC includes members from Japanese ________, industry, and government.
HumanitiesAcademic degreeAcademiaUniversity


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