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Question 1: One of the first was CP/M-86 for the ________, which was soon followed by CP/M-68k for the Motorola 68000.
Intel 8085Intel 8080Intel 8086Intel 8088

Question 2: Furthermore, it powered the popular Amstrad PCW word-processing system and was available for the ________ series and later models of the ZX Spectrum.
BBC MicroAtari STAmstrad CPCHome computer

Question 3: Various character and text-based adventure games were ported, such as ________, and other early interactive fiction.
Colossal Cave AdventureMystery HouseThe Prisoner (video game)Sierra Entertainment

Question 4: For example, in ________ there were still a few advertisements for S100 boards and articles on CP/M software, but by 1987 these were no longer found in the magazine.

Question 5:
What license is CP/M distributed under?
Copyright u00A9 1979 Atari Inc. Proprietary
Originally proprietary, now BSD-like
GNU Lesser General Public License v3
Proprietary, free versions available

Question 6: Turbo Pascal, the ancestor of ________, and Multiplan, the ancestor of Microsoft Excel, also debuted on CP/M before MS-DOS versions became available.
Free PascalDelphi PrismEmbarcadero DelphiLazarus (software)

Question 7: Many different brands of machines ran CP/M, some notable examples being the Altair, the IMSAI 8080, the Osborne 1 and ________ portables, and MSX computers.
IBM Personal ComputerFloppy diskKayproApple II series

Question 8: CP/M would also run on systems based on the ________ processor since the Z80 was able to execute 8080 code.
Home computerMicrocontrollerZilog eZ80Zilog Z80

Question 9: This similarity made it easier to port popular CP/M software like ________ and dBase.
Word processorText editorWordPerfectWordStar

Question 10: In the UK, CP/M was also available on Research Machines educational computers (with the CP/M source code published as an educational resource), and for the ________ when equipped with a Z80 co-processor.
BBC MicroBBC MasterAcorn ComputersAcorn Archimedes

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