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Question 1: Interest in CODASYL gradually faded due to growing interest in ________ beginning in the early 1980s.
Relational modelRelational databaseRelation (database)SQL

Question 2: This was an Information technology industry consortium formed in 1959 to guide the development of a standard ________ that could be used on many computers.
Programming languageFunctional programmingProgramming paradigmImperative programming

Question 3: CODASYL (often spelt Codasyl) is an ________ for "Conference on Data Systems Languages".
English languageAbbreviationAcronym and initialismUnited States

Question 4: CODASYL is remembered almost entirely for two activities: its work on the development of the COBOL language (whose history is described in the article on ________), and its activities in standardizing database interfaces.
Programming paradigmProgramming languageCOBOLC (programming language)

Question 5: Although the work was focused on COBOL, the idea of a host-language independent database was starting to emerge, prompted by ________'s advocacy of PL/I as a COBOL replacement.
General ElectricHewlett-PackardIntel CorporationIBM


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