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CINW: Quiz


Question 1: These technical changes were implemented on December 14, 1999, and call letters were changed at the same time to the current CINW, to match the new ________ format introduced that same day.
National Public RadioAll-news radioWCBS (AM)WINS (AM)

Question 2: The station that eventually become CINW started launched on December 1, 1919 under the ________ XWA (for "Experimental Wireless Apparatus").
Call signAustraliaUnited StatesMarconi Station

Question 3: However, along with longtime French-language sister station ________, it ceased operations at 7:00 p.m.

Question 4: Its ________ were changed to CFCF on November 4, 1920.
United StatesCall signAustraliaMarconi Station

Question 5: Photo of DJ Dave Boxer with ________ and Ringo Starr (1965)
Paul McCartneyLive and Let Die (song)Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (song)Wings (band)

Question 6: CINW was an ________ Canadian radio station located in Montreal, Quebec.
CanadaSouth AfricaEnglish languageAmerican English

Question 7: Corus announced on January 29, 2010, that CINW and sister station ________ would cease broadcasting as of 7:00pm local time that day, due to unsustainable ratings.

Question 8: CINW was ________'s first regularly-operated commercial radio station, first signing on in 1919.
BarbadosUnited StatesCanadaUnited Kingdom


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