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CD90: Quiz


Question 1: It is one of the popular combinatorial surface markers for FACS for stem cells in combination with other markers like ________.

Question 2: Cross linking antibody induced aggregation of Thy1 cause death of thymocytes and mesangial cells mainly by ________ despite Bcl2 upregulation.
ApoptosisSignal transductionApoptosis-inducing factorTranscription factor

Question 3:
  • ________ (FACS gated as Thy1lo)
    Hematopoietic stem cellImmune systemBloodHaematopoiesis

Question 4: Most abundant glycoprotein on mouse ________, with >106 copies/cell, covering ~10–20% of surface.
Cytotoxic T cellT cellRegulatory T cellT helper cell

Question 5: Structural study of Thy-1 lead to the foundation of the ________, of which it is the smallest member, and led to the first biochemical description and characterization of a vertebrate GPI anchor.
CD44IntegrinImmunoglobulin superfamilyL-selectin

Question 6: Thy1 antibody injection is the best animal model of ________
GlomerulonephritisIgA nephropathyRapidly progressive glomerulonephritisMembranous glomerulonephritis

Question 7: Axon hillock (________ equivalent of tight junction) can act as a barrier for its lateral spread even though it has no transmembrane segment.
Glial cellNeuronNervous systemPhotoreceptor cell

Question 8: In case of ________ it is known to be expressed strongly in the mature axon.
NeuronNervous systemPhotoreceptor cellGlial cell

Question 9: Thy-1 was discovered in early 1960s during the search for heterologous antisera against mouse ________ cells.
Hematological malignancyAcute biphenotypic leukaemiaLeukemiaLeukemoid reaction

Question 10: Agents shown to induce Thy1 expression include: ________, thymosin, prostaglandins, nerve growth factor, IL-1, TNF, PMA, Ca2+ ionophore, and diacylglycerol (DAG).
CholecystokininInsulin-like growth factor 1Insulin-like growth factor 2Thymopoietin


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