CD5 (protein): Quiz

Question 1: CD5 is a cluster of differentiation found on a subset of IgM-secreting ________ called B-1 cells, and also on T cells.
B cellAdaptive immune systemPlasma cellT helper cell

Question 2: ________ and small lymphocytic lymphoma also have CD5 markers on their surface.
Burkitt's lymphomaAcute lymphoblastic leukemiaMantle cell lymphomaFollicular lymphoma

Question 3: CD5 was used as a T-cell marker until ________ against CD3 were developed.
NatalizumabOcrelizumabVisilizumabMonoclonal antibodies

Question 4: In the ________, there is a correlation with CD5 expression and strength of the interaction of the T cell towards self-peptides.
Lymphatic systemThymusAdaptive immune systemImmune system

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