CD-ROM: Quiz

Question 1:
What is the capacity of CD-ROM?
16 MB to 8 GB
650u2013900 MB
Up to 800 MB
4 MB to 32 GB

Question 2: A CD-ROM sector contains 2,352 ________, divided into 98 24-byte frames.
Integer (computer science)BytePointer (computing)Bit

Question 3: A CD-ROM drive may be connected to the computer via an IDE (ATA), SCSI, S-ATA, ________, or USB interface or a proprietary interface, such as the Panasonic CD interface.
Serial ATABus (computing)Universal Serial BusIEEE 1394 interface

Question 4: Virtually all modern CD-ROM drives can also play audio CDs as well as ________ and other data standards when used in conjunction with the right software.
LaserdiscVideo CDSuper Video CDDVD

Question 5: [6] This is a counterpart to the SID—the Source Identification Code, an eight character code beginning with "________" that is usually stamped on discs produced by CD recording plants.
LondonInternational Standard Recording CodeInternational Federation of the Phonographic IndustryInternational Standard Audiovisual Number

Question 6: ________: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-D, HVD
DVDHD DVDLaserdiscBlu-ray Disc

Question 7: ISO 9660 defines the standard file system of a CD-ROM, although it is due to be replaced by ISO 13490 (which also supports ________ and multi-session).
CD-RLaserdiscCompact DiscOptical disc drive

Question 8: ________: HD DVD-R, HD DVD-RW, HD DVD-RAM
HD DVDBlu-ray DiscChina Blue High-definition DiscVersatile Multilayer Disc

Question 9: The 1× speed rating for CD-ROM (150 KiB/s) is different than 1x speed rating for audio CD (172.3 KiB/s) and is not to be confused with the 1× speed rating for ________ (1.32 MiB/s).
Blu-ray DiscDVDLaserdiscHD DVD

Question 10: There has been a move by the ________ to make audio CDs (CDDAs, Red Book CDs) unplayable on computer CD-ROM drives, to prevent the copying of music.
Record labelMusic industryMusic publisher (popular music)Record producer

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