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Question 1: Formerly known as JP Morgan Partners, the investment professionals of JP Morgan Partners separated from ________ on July 31, 2006.
RabobankBarclaysDeutsche BankJPMorgan Chase

Question 2: CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm that focuses on ________ and growth capital transactions.
Publicly traded private equityCorporate raidMezzanine capitalLeveraged buyout

Question 3: Following the spinout, the investment professionals focused on ________ transactions separated from the CCMP Capital team to form a new firm, Panorama Capital.
Venture capitalPrivate equityPrivate equity secondary marketInstitutional investor

Question 4: Following Chemical's acquisition of ________ in 1996, Chemical adopted the Chase name and Chemical Venture Partners changed its name to Chase Capital Partners.
Chase (bank)Washington MutualJPMorgan ChaseDavid Rockefeller

Question 5: and the formation of ________, the group changed its name yet again to JP Morgan Partners.
BarclaysRabobankJPMorgan ChaseDeutsche Bank

Question 6: CCMP has over 50 employees with offices in New York, London, ________ and Tokyo.
MacauPhilippinesHong KongUnited States

Question 7: In April 2006, ________ completed the sale of a $925 million interest in JP Morgan Partners Global Fund to a consortium of secondary investors.
Deutsche BankRabobankJPMorgan ChaseBarclays

Question 8: Prior to its spin out from ________ in 2006, JP Morgan Partners made investments in leveraged buyout, growth capital and venture capital transactions.
JPMorgan ChaseRabobankDeutsche BankBarclays

Question 9: In 2004, ________ completed its acquisition of Bank One which had its own in house private equity investment group, One Equity Partners.
RabobankJPMorgan ChaseBarclaysDeutsche Bank

Question 10: CCMP has invested approximately $12 billion in ________ and growth capital transactions since inception.
Leveraged buyoutCorporate raidMezzanine capitalPrivate equity


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