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Question 1: The circumvention of CAPTCHAs may violate the anti-circumvention clause of the ________ (DMCA) in the United States.
Copyright Term Extension ActDigital Millennium Copyright ActOnline Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation ActDigital rights management

Question 2: In 2007, ________ sued software maker RMG Technologies[25] for its product which circumvented the ticket seller's CAPTCHAs on the basis that it violates the anti-circumvention clause of the DMCA.
Live Nation EntertainmentTicketmasterMicrosoftLive Nation

Question 3: They invented multiple examples of CAPTCHAs, including the first CAPTCHAs to be widely used, which were those adopted by ________.
Intel CorporationYahoo!GoogleMicrosoft

Question 4: CAPTCHAs found active use in stopping automated posting to ________, forums and wikis, whether as a result of commercial promotion, or harassment and vandalism.
Blog softwareBlogPolitical blogPermalink

Question 5: To date, only RapidShare, ________ and Ubuntu have made use of an image based CAPTCHA.
Linux MintDebianUbuntu (operating system)Fedora (operating system)

Question 6: Hopper, and John Langford (all of ________).
Carnegie Mellon UniversityRobert Morris UniversityPoint Park UniversityHeinz Field

Question 7: Thus, it is sometimes described as a reverse Turing test, because it is administered by a machine and targeted to a human, in contrast to the standard ________ that is typically administered by a human and targeted to a machine.
Turing testAlan TuringChinese roomMind

Question 8: [7] Other CAPTCHA implementations use a hash (such as an ________ hash) of the solution as a key passed to the client to validate the CAPTCHA.
SHA hash functionsMD4MD2 (cryptography)MD5

Question 9: [14] Windows Live Hotmail and ________, the other two major free email providers, were cracked shortly after.
Google ChromeGmail interfaceGoogleGmail

Question 10: [4] Primitive CAPTCHAs seem to have been developed in 1997 by Andrei Broder, Martin Abadi, Krishna Bharat, and Mark Lillibridge to prevent bots from adding URLs to their ________.
Web crawlerWide area information serverSocial searchWeb search engine

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