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C-pop: Quiz


Question 1: was founded by basketball star ________, agent Zhang Mingji and music insider Chen Ge via a 20 million yuan investment.
Tim DuncanYao MingShaquille O'NealLeBron James

Question 2: Stefanie Sun, ________, Wilber Pan, Leehom Wang.
JJ LinSingaporeA-meiMandopop

Question 3: There are two subgenres within C-pop: ________ and mandopop.
Power popCantopopJ-popHong Kong English pop

Question 4: [2] It primarily targets consumers in Hong Kong and Macau: some songs require ________ to purchase.
Hong Kong Identity CardMacau Special Administrative Region Resident Identity CardResident Identity CardMyKad

Question 5: ________ is credited with bringing American jazz influence to China and the music gained popularity in hangout quarters of nightclubs and dancehalls of major cities in the 1920s.
J. J. JohnsonCount BasieBuck ClaytonBenny Goodman

Question 6: Others come from countries where the ________ is used by a large number of the population, such as Singapore and Malaysia.
Chinese languageCantonese (Yue)Spoken ChineseFuzhou dialect

Question 7: Around the time of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the ________, pop music was seen as a leftist distraction.
Long MarchChiang Kai-shekSecond Sino-Japanese WarChinese Civil War

Question 8: From 1920 to 1949 "Chinese popular music" was used to describe all contemporary music sung in Chinese dialects in ________.
BeijingShanghaiChongqingHong Kong

Question 9: Taiwanese pop is similar in music style but is counted as a separate genre due to its roots in Japanese ________.
J-popRyūkōkaKōhaku Uta GassenEnka

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