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Byzantine civil war of 1341–1347: Quiz


Question 1: In addition, in 1347 Byzantium experienced the arrival of the ________, further reducing the empire's remaining tax and recruiting base.
PandemicBlack Death migrationPlague (disease)Black Death

Question 2: [60] He would soon be replaced by another Turkish ruler, ________ of the rising Ottoman emirate in Bithynia.
Orhan IBayezid IOsman IOttoman Empire

Question 3: [34] On his way, Kantakouzenos first attacked ________, but was repelled.

Question 4: [28] The more conservative and anti-Western tendencies of the aristocrats, and their links to the monasteries, also explain their increased attachment to the mystical Hesychasm movement advocated by ________.
Gregory PalamasByzantine RiteOrthodox ChurchHierotheos (Vlachos)

Question 5: [89] Only the Byzantine ________ in the Morea remained prosperous, having been spared the ravages of the civil war due to its relative isolation.
Right- and left-hand trafficUnited StatesVatican CityEnclave and exclave

Question 6: Despite Dushan's defection to the regency, and the withdrawal of Umur in 1345, Kantakouzenos held the upper hand through the assistance of ________, the ruler of the Ottoman emirate.
Orhan IBayezid IOsman IOttoman Empire

Question 7: The first manifestation of this social division came from ________ where, on 27 October, the populace rose up and expelled the city's aristocrats, securing it for the regency.

Question 8: It resulted in a disastrous defeat at the Battle of Pelekanos, after which imperial control in ________ collapsed rapidly.

Question 9: Although ________ (r.
Constantine XI PalaiologosJohn III Doukas VatatzesAndronikos II PalaiologosMichael VIII Palaiologos

Question 10: The final rift between Kantakouzenos and Dushan came in April 1343, when Kantakouzenos persuaded the town of ________, besieged by the Serbs, to surrender to him instead.


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