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Question 1: Konostaulos - Greek form of Latin ________ 'count of the stable' and various European feudal titles such as English "constable" - the chief of the Frankish mercenaries.
United StatesConstableEnglandPolice

Question 2: Dragoman – a Turkish title, which was applied to interpreters and ________.
Consul (representative)Diplomatic missionAmbassadorDiplomatic rank

Question 3: Domestikos – the domestikoi were originally imperial guards, who later functioned as senior staff officers in the ________.
Roman EmpireRoman NavyAuxiliaries (Roman military)Late Roman army

Question 4: After ________'s reforms, the functions of the Prefect embraced a wide sphere; they were administrative, financial, judicial, and even legislative.
MaximianDiocletianConstantine IGalerius

Question 5: As in the Versailles of ________, elaborate dress and court ritual probably were at least partly an attempt to smother and distract from political tensions.
Louis XIV of FranceLouis XIII of FranceLouis XV of FranceHouse of Bourbon

Question 6: Magister (magister officiorum, ________, "maistor" in Greek) – an old Roman term, master of offices and master of the army; by the time of Leo III, these had become honorary titles and were eventually discarded.
Magister militumRoman EmperorWestern Roman EmpireRoman Empire

Question 7: Akolouthos - "Acolyte," the chief of the ________ Guard from the Komnenian era onwards.
VarangiansRus' KhaganateTrade route from the Varangians to the GreeksKylfings

Question 8: They enjoyed a greater degree of independence than other provincial governors, combining both civil and military authority, practically acting as ________.
ViceroyAudienciaPortugalSpanish Empire

Question 9: At first the various titles of the empire were the same as those in the late ________, as the Byzantine Empire was not yet distinguished from Rome.
Western Roman EmpireAncient RomeRoman EmpireRoman Republic

Question 10: Hetaireiarchēs – the chief of the ________ mercenaries, the Hetaireia, successor to the Foederati.
Classical antiquityBarbarianDemosthenesEurope

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