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Question 1: The great ________ and Trinitarian controversies of Late Antiquity are reflected in the glorifications of the Trinity heard in the numerous ekphonies encountered during the services.
Biblical canonChristian theologyChristian apologeticsChristology

Question 2: The most important of the private prayers is the ________ (Prayer of the Heart) and the entire Hesychastic tradition that has grown up around it.
KyrieOrthodox ChurchTheoriaJesus Prayer

Question 3: ________ (chanted at the third hour of the day—approximately 9:00 am)
TerceSextMatinsNone (liturgy)

Question 4: The Divine Liturgy is celebrated with particular solemnity whenever a ________ is serving.

Question 5: It is also served on the first three days of ________.
Good FridayHoly Week processionHoly WeekEaster

Question 6: Traditionally, the Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic churches used the ________ to calculate their feast days.
Julian calendarGregorian calendarIslamic calendarChronology

Question 7: Further developments continued to occur, centered mostly around Constantinople and ________.
ThessalonikiMount AthosGreeceHosios Loukas

Question 8: The Byzantine Rite, sometimes called the Rite of Constantinople or Constantinopolitan Rite, is the liturgical rite used currently (in various languages) by all the Eastern Orthodox Churches and by the Greek-Catholic Churches (________ which use the Byzantine Rite).
Eastern Catholic ChurchesRoman Catholic theologyEast–West SchismLatin Rite

Question 9: The rite developed in the city of Constantinople (now Istanbul), which had earlier been called ________.
EuropeRoman EmpireGreeksByzantium

Question 10: There are two ancient liturgical traditions from which all of the Eastern Rites (plus the Gallican Rite in the West) developed: the Alexandrian Rite in Egypt and the ________ in Syria.
Catholic ChurchSummorum PontificumDidacheAntiochene Rite


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