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Question 1: [82] Many such texts appeared in the papal library, which was established by Pope Agapetus circa 535 (moved by future ________ to his monastery on Caelian Hill and later the Lateran).
Pope John XXIIIPope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope John Paul II

Question 2: ________ show similar developments, but it is difficult to see specifically Byzantine elements in the emerging medieval style of St Augustine Gospels of c.
Medieval artIlluminated manuscriptPigmentEngland

Question 3: Emperor ________, the abductor of Martin I, resided himself in Rome for a period during the reign of Pope Vitalian.
Constans IIHeracliusJustinian IConstantine IV

Question 4: [57] This was in effect an act of ________: it strengthened the imperial grip on the southern empire, but all but guaranteed the eventual destruction of the exarchate of Ravenna, which finally occurred at Lombard hands in 751.
Emergency medical servicesTriageEmergency medicineDefibrillation

Question 5: Another wave of monastic refugees, bringing with them various Christological controversies, arrived in Rome as the ________ ravaged the eastern Byzantine possessions.
Alexander the GreatAchaemenid EmpireSassanid EmpireMedes

Question 6: [89] The "more learned and sophisticated theological interests" of the Greek popes also added a new "doctrinal edge" to the claims of the ________, "sharpened and fixed" by various confrontations with the emperor.
Historical development of the doctrine of Papal PrimacyCatholic ChurchPrimacy of the Roman PontiffHistory of the Catholic Church

Question 7: [78] Ekonomou cites the appearance of these names, along with the disappearance of Probus, ________, Venantius, and Importunus as evidence of the "radical transformation in the ethnic composition of the city".
Johann Georg FaustJohann Wolfgang von GoetheFaustWorks based on Faust

Question 8: Theodore was Greek-Palestinian, the son of the ________, chosen for his ability to combat various heresies originating from the East in his native tongue.
Greek Orthodox Church of JerusalemOrthodox ChurchGreek Orthodox Patriarch of JerusalemPalestine

Question 9: The continuing power of appointment of the Byzantine emperor can be seen in the legend of ________ writing to Constantinople, asking them to refuse his election.
Catholic ChurchPope John XXIIIPope Gregory IPope John Paul II

Question 10: [91] ________, who was carried under heavy imperial guard from Rome to Constantinople in 654, typifies the theological development of Eastern monasticism in Rome vis-a-vis conflicts with the Byzantine emperors.
Orthodox ChurchCatholic ChurchMonothelitismMaximus the Confessor


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