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Question 1: Major theological sources include the writings of ________,[22] Theodore the Studite,[23] and the Patriarch Nikephoros, all of them iconodules.
History of the Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIJohn of DamascusPope Gregory I

Question 2: But by making an icon of Jesus, one is separating his human and divine natures, since only the human can be depicted (separating the natures was considered ________), or else confusing the human and divine natures, considering them one (union of the human and divine natures was considered monophysitism).
ChristologyTrinityBiblical canonNestorianism

Question 3: Many historians have also drawn on hagiography, most notably the Life of St. Stephen the Younger,[20] which includes a detailed, but highly biased, account of persecutions during the reign of ________.
Philippikos BardanesConstantine VArtabasdosLeo III the Isaurian

Question 4: Leo was succeeded by Michael II, who in an 824 letter to the ________ emperor Louis the Pious lamented the appearance of image veneration in the church and such practices as making icons baptismal godfathers to infants.
Charles the SimpleLouis the YoungerCarolingian dynastyCharlemagne

Question 5: Debate seems to have centred on the validity of the ________, and the validity of images of other figures followed on from this for both sides.
Chronology of JesusResurrection of JesusCrucifixion of JesusDepiction of Jesus

Question 6: Since that time the first Sunday of ________ has been celebrated in the Orthodox Church as the feast of the "Triumph of Orthodoxy".
EasterGood FridayGreat LentPentecostarion

Question 7: Thus for iconoclasts the only true (and permitted) "icon" of Jesus was the ________, the Body and Blood of Christ, according to Catholic doctrine.
Eucharistic theologySacramental breadTransubstantiationEucharist

Question 8: One notable change came in 695, when ________ put a full-faced image of Christ on the obverse of his gold coins.
Philippikos BardanesBasil IJustinian IIConstantine IV

Question 9: Theophilus died leaving his wife Theodora regent for his minor heir, ________.
Basil IIBasil ITheophilos (emperor)Michael III

Question 10: What would have been useful evidence from modern ________ as to the use of images in Early Christian art was unavailable to iconodules at the time.
Turkish artGerman artArt historyWestern art history


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