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Byzantine–Arab Wars: Quiz


Question 1: Catania would be lost in 900, and finally the fortress of ________ in 902.
MessinaSan Marco d'AlunzioTaorminaCaronia

Question 2: Umayyad invasions of ________ and Constantinople
Iron Bridge –
Marash – Phoenix – 1st Constantinople – 2nd Constantinople – Akroinon
AnatoliaIstanbulTurkish peopleTurkey

Question 3: a[›] The Arabian tribes also had significant economic, cultural and familial ties with predominantly Arab citizens of the ________.
Fertile CrescentWestern AsiaIraqNeolithic

Question 4: However, under the Macedonian dynasty, the Byzantines recaptured territory in the Levant with the Byzantines armies' advance even threatening ________ to the south.

Question 5: Crete was retaken by the Byantines in 960, and would be held until 1204, when it fell to the Venice during the ________.
Byzantium under the AngeloiConstantinopleFourth CrusadeByzantine Empire

Question 6: Although he did not have the force to drive into Palestine and reclaim ________, his victories did restore much of Syria to the empire – including the larger city of Antioch which was the seat of its eponymous Patriarch.

Question 7: Muawiyah began consolidating the Arab territory from the ________ to the western border of Egypt.
Aral SeaIssyk KulCaspian SeaLake Balkhash

Question 8: [44] When Thomas captured ________, the Empire's second largest city, it was quickly re-captured by the Byzantines.
Corfu (city)ThessalonikiPatrasAthens

Question 9: [50] A successful conquest would have consolidated Crusader control in the ________, and restored the grain supply of the rich province to the Empire.
Holy LandPalestineJerusalemJesus

Question 10: However, religious peace came with the emergence of the Macedonian dynasty in 867, as well as a strong and unified Byzantine leadership;[46] while the ________ empire had splintered into many factions.
Neo-Assyrian EmpireAkkadian EmpireIslamic Golden AgeAbbasid Caliphate


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