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Question 1: Originally, buttermilk was the liquid left over from churning ________ from cream.
LardOlive oilButterSoybean

Question 2: Soda bread, a type of bread popular in ________ and New Zealand which uses buttermilk and bicarbonate of soda as the rising agent.
WalesIrish peopleNorthern IrelandIreland

Question 3: The variation of buttermilk which is a ________, is produced from cow's milk, and with a characteristically sour taste caused by lactic acid bacteria.
DenmarkGeorgia (country)RussiaFermented milk products

Question 4: The increased ________ is primarily due to lactic acid, a byproduct naturally produced by lactic acid bacteria while fermenting lactose, the primary sugar found in milk.
Acid dissociation constantOxygenAcidAcid–base reaction

Question 5: Originally, buttermilk was the liquid left behind after churning ________ out of cream.
SoybeanOlive oilButterLard

Question 6: As lactic acid is produced by the bacteria, the pH of the milk decreases and ________, the primary protein in milk, precipitates causing the curdling or clabbering of milk.

Question 7: Kefir, a fermented milk drink from the ________.
EuropeAsiaGeorgia (country)Caucasus


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