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Question 1: The word tycoon is derived from the Japanese word taikun (大君?), itself borrowed from the Chinese dai kwan, which means "great lord," and it was used as a title for the ________.
SamuraiShogunHeian periodKenmu restoration

Question 2: President ________ was humorously referred to as the Tycoon by his aides John Nicolay and John Hay.
Andrew JohnsonAbraham LincolnGerald FordUlysses S. Grant

Question 3: In ________ and some other post-Soviet countries, the term "business oligarch" has become popular.
RussiaUnited StatesRussian cultureMoscow

Question 4: The word magnate itself derives from the ________ word magnates (plural of magnas), meaning "great person" or "great nobleman."
LatinRoman EmpireOld LatinVulgar Latin

Question 5: Such people usually amass substantial fortunes in the process, and tend to become widely known in connection with their business(es) or through other pursuits such as ________.
AltruismFoundation (non-profit)PhilanthropyCharitable organization

Question 6: This era was known as the Second Industrial Revolution or the ________.
Gilded AgeUlysses S. GrantGrover Cleveland19th century

Question 7: The modern meaning of the word is supposedly derived from the storied riches of the Mughal emperors, which for example produced the ________.
Red FortHumayun's TombTaj MahalAgra Fort


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