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Business intelligence: Quiz


Question 1: Thomas Davenport has argued that business intelligence should be divided into querying, reporting, ________, an "alerts" tool, and business analytics
OLAP cubeOnline analytical processingROLAPData warehouse

Question 2: In 2009, collaborative decision making will emerge as a new product category that combines ________ with business intelligence platform capabilities.
Social network serviceInstant messagingSocial mediaSocial software

Question 3: Often BI applications use data gathered from a ________ or a data mart.
Database normalizationData warehouseOnline analytical processingMaster Data Management

Question 4: By 2010, 20 per cent of organizations will have an industry-specific analytic application delivered via ________ as a standard component of their business intelligence portfolio.
Cloud computingEverything as a serviceSoftware as a serviceService-oriented architecture

Question 5: [2] Thus a BI system can be called a ________ (DSS).
Artificial intelligenceDecision support systemExpert systemDecision making

Question 6: Common functions of Business Intelligence technologies are reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, ________, text mining, and predictive analytics.
BenchmarkingMarketing researchQuantitative marketing researchQualitative marketing research

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