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Question 1:
Which of the following are related to Bushmen?

Question 2: Genetic markers present on the y chromosome are passed down through thousands of ________ in a relatively pure form.
United StatesGreatest GenerationGenerationGeneration Y

Question 3: His early film The Hunters, released in 1957, shows a ________ hunt during the 1950s.
HippopotamusGreater KuduGiraffeSteenbok

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  1000- to 2000-year-old San-paintings near Murewa Zimbabwe

Question 5: This term means "outsider" in the ________ and was derogatory because it distinguished the Bushmen from what the Khoikhoi called themselves, namely the "First People".
Northern Ndebele languageTswana languageKxoe languageKhoekhoe language

Question 6: ________ does not have an official term for the San, but they are sometimes referred to as Bushmen, "Kwankhala", or "Bosquímanos" (the Portuguese term for "Bushmen").
AngolaCape VerdeMozambiqueGuinea-Bissau

Question 7:
Bushmen, Bedouin and Tuareg are all:
African nomads Hunter-gatherers Ethnic groups in Namibia Modern nomads

Question 8:
Bushmen, Coloured and Khoikhoi are all:
Hunter-gatherers Ethnic groups in Namibia African nomads All pages needing cleanup

Question 9: Neither ________ nor Zimbabwe have official terms, although in the latter case the terms "Amasili" and "Batwa" are sometimes used.

Question 10:
Bushmen, Khoikhoi and Khoisan are all:
All pages needing cleanup Indigenous peoples of Southern Africa Hunter-gatherers Ethnic groups in Namibia


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