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Bushmeat: Quiz


Question 1: A well documented case was the killing and eating of mountain gorillas during the military insurrection around Virunga National Park in the eastern ________ in January 2007.
RwandaRepublic of the CongoCentral African RepublicDemocratic Republic of the Congo

Question 2: The bushmeat trade refers to the sale of any wild species, though Western sources tend to focus on the trade specifically involving ________.

Question 3: A parody of the practice of hunting and eating bush meat appeared in ________ in 2008, which references an alleged spider monkey species, the Ateles saporis, as "the delicacy ape".
Washington, D.C.DenverNew York CityThe Onion

Question 4: [4] The article satirizes this cuisine with descriptions of grilling the ________, or serving it as sashimi.
Horse meatFoodMedieval cuisineMeat

Question 5: The term bushmeat crisis tends to be used to describe unsustainable hunting of (often endangered) wildlife in West and Central Africa or the humid tropics (________), depending on interpretation.
PhilippinesTropical rainforestRainforestPapua New Guinea

Question 6: A study in ________, the wealthiest country in the region with 80% of its forest cover still in place, showed that it had suffered at least a 56% decline in its ape population over seventeen years.
SenegalBeninGabonCôte d'Ivoire

Question 7: Bushmeat ________ is common in many parts of the world where hunting of animals from the wild is performed.
RaccoonGray WolfRed FoxHunting

Question 8: Though some bushmeat hunters have been targeting the gorilla, chimpanzee, and ________, as well as other primate species, great apes constitute less than 1% of bushmeat from all species sold on the market.
Common ChimpanzeeHominidaeHumanBonobo

Question 9: The fisheries are being overfished by mainly ________-subsidized fleets and could collapse within a few decades.
European UnionDenmarkEuropean ParliamentGermany

Question 10: In some locations the ________ of mammals in parks has been reduced by 70% since 1967 because of bushmeat harvesting.
BiofuelBioenergyEthanol fuelBiomass


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