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Question 1: What does the following picture show?

  Desert Quandong
  Seeds of Acacia longifolia
  Lemon Myrtle
  Lemon Aspen

Question 2:
Bushfood, Barbecue and Vegemite are all:
Australian Aboriginal bushcraft Indigenous Australian culture Australian cuisine Indigenous cuisine

Question 3: ________ recently made a survival television series called Ray Mears Goes Walkabouts which focused on the history of survival in Australia, with a focus on bushtucker.
Ray Mears' BushcraftWild FoodRay MearsExtreme Survival

Question 4: ________ and shellfish are culinary features of the Australian coastal communities.
Pelagic fishForage fishFish anatomyFish

Question 5: Native spices include ________, mountain pepper, and aniseed myrtle.
AllspiceCloveFennelBackhousia citriodora

Question 6: Knowledge of Aboriginal uses of ________ is meagre but beefsteak fungus and native 'bread' were certainly eaten.

Question 7:
Bushfood, Flora of Australia and Mallee (habit) are all:
Indigenous cuisine Indigenous Australian culture Flora of Australia Australian cuisine

Question 8: What does the following picture show?

  Finger Lime

Question 9:
Bushfood, Ainu cuisine and Cuisine of Lapland are all:
Indigenous cuisine Australian cuisine Australian Aboriginal bushcraft Indigenous Australian culture

Question 10: Nuts include bunya nut, and the most identifiable bushfood plant harvested and sold in large scale commercial quantities is the ________ nut.
MacadamiaReference Daily IntakeDietary fiberProteaceae

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