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Bushehr: Quiz


Question 1: Their cancellation came following the 1979 ________.
1953 Iranian coup d'étatZbigniew BrzezinskiIranian RevolutionRuhollah Khomeini

Question 2: Shortly afterwards ________ invaded Iran and the nuclear programme was stopped until the end of the war.

Question 3: Its location is 28° 59' N, 50° 49' E, about 1,281 kilometres (796 mi) south of ________.

Question 4: The Iranian ________ maintains a base here.
ShipNavyNaval warfareRoyal Navy

Question 5: It was occupied by British forces in 1856, during the ________ 1856-1857.
IranAfghanistanAnglo-Persian WarBritish Raj

Question 6: In 1763 the Persian ruler Karim Khan granted the ________ the right to build a base and trading post there.
French East India CompanyEast India CompanyChartered companyDutch East India Company

Question 7: In 1995, Russia signed a contract to supply a ________ for the plant (the contract is believed to be valued between $700 million and $1.2 billion USD).
UraniumNuclear reactor technologyLight water reactorBoiling water reactor

Question 8: In 1737 the ________ opened a trading post in Bushehr, which lasted until 1753.
Dutch EmpireDutch West India CompanyFrench East India CompanyDutch East India Company

Question 9: 165,377 (in 2005 [1]), is a city on the southwestern coast of ________, on the Persian Gulf.
IraqIran–Iraq WarIranAzerbaijan

Question 10: Bushehr is twelve kilometres from the site of the ________ being built in cooperation with Russia.
Bushehr Nuclear Power PlantIranian RevolutionIran–Iraq WarIran


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