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Question 1: Bus is a derivation of Omnibus Vehicle meaning "vehicle for all", where omnibus means "for all" in ________ (omnes meaning "all"), reflecting its early use for public transport.
Old LatinLatinVulgar LatinRoman Empire

Question 2: In some countries, particularly the U.S., buses used to transport ________ children have evolved in to a specific design with specified mandatory features.
SchoolCollegeElementary schoolGymnasium (school)

Question 3:
Who played Ida the movie Bus?
Ulrike Prager
Marie-Louise Coninck
Karen-Marie Wedel-Lander
Rikke Sofie Freiberg

Question 4:
Who played 5 the movie Bus?
Dimitri Tellis
Michael Schreiner
Christoph Ortmann
Dimitri Tellis

Question 5: Many private ________ companies also operate larger minibus vehicles to cater for group fares.
Inter-city railTramTaxicabShare taxi

Question 6: A ________ ex-London bus has been converted to a mobile theatre and catwalk fashion show.
London BusesOptareRoutemasterMunicipal bus company

Question 7: Trolleybuses appeared at nearly the same time as combustion engine powered buses, with a system in ________, Germany, in 5 May 1901.

Question 8: A trolleybus is essentially an electrically powered bus that is attached to and draws power from ________.
TramElectric locomotiveOverhead linesNortheast Corridor

Question 9: Increasingly in some countries, buses and coaches are designed with ________ features, often in response to regulations and recommendations laid out in disability discrimination laws.
Low-floor busTramAccessibilityWeb accessibility

Question 10: The first public bus line was launched by ________ in 1662, but it ceased operation 15 years later,[2] and no further such services are known until the 1820s.
Thomas AquinasBlaise PascalJansenismDuns Scotus

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