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Burushaski: Quiz


Question 1: Thus Burushaski may once have been a significant ________.
Roman EmpireDiglossiaLiterary languageVulgar Latin

Question 2: A number of verbs - mostly according to their root form - are found with the d-prefix in position 2, which occurs before a consonant according to ________.
Tone (linguistics)Vowel harmonyPalatalizationEpenthesis

Question 3: In addition, Berger (1998) finds the following consonants to be ________, shown below in his transcription and in the IPA:
International Phonetic AlphabetPhonologyPhonemeEnglish orthography

Question 4: ________ in Burushaski are divided into four genders: human masculine, human feminine, countable objects, and uncountable ones (similar to mass nouns).
AdjectiveNounPreposition and postpositionArticle (grammar)

Question 5: The ________ forms - which in Burushaski are the absolutives of the past and present, the perfect participle, and two infinitives - admit all the finite variations except tense and mood.
InfinitiveVerbPreposition and postpositionAdverb

Question 6: Burushaski (________: بروشسکی - burū́šaskī) is a language isolate (that is, not known to be related to any other language of the world).
Hindustani languagePunjabi languageUrduHindi

Question 7: In Burushaski, there are four ________, similar to declensional classes in Indo-European languages, but unlike Indo-European, the nominal classes in Burushaski are associated with four grammatical "genders":
Grammatical genderNoun classClusivityGrammatical number

Question 8: Occasionally, the Urdu version of the ________ is used, but a fixed orthography does not exist.
Hebrew alphabetArabic languageSyriac alphabetArabic alphabet

Question 9: The article, ________, numerals and other attributes must be in agreement with the noun class of their subject.
VerbPreposition and postpositionAdverbAdjective

Question 10: The Burushaski number system is ________, i.e.
Korean numeralsHebrew numeralsRoman numeralsVigesimal


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