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Buru: Quiz


Question 1: Buru is a tropical island in the Maluku province of ________.

Question 2: At 9,505 kmĀ² (3,670 sq mi), Buru is the third-largest island in the ________.
Saint HelenaMaldivesMadagascarMaluku Islands

Question 3: The island was occupied by the ________ (VOC) in 1658.
Dutch East India CompanyDutch EmpireDutch West India CompanyFrench East India Company

Question 4: During former President ________'s New Order administration, Buru was the site of a prison used to hold thousands of political prisoners.
SuhartoIndonesiaTransition to the New OrderNew Order (Indonesia)

Question 5: The most famous of the inmates was author ________.
IndonesiaPramoedya Ananta ToerSuhartoSukarno

Question 6: Before Dutch colonization, Buru was within the Kingdom of ________'s sphere of influence.
TernateMaluku IslandsPortuguese EmpireMalacca

Question 7: During President ________'s administration (1965-1998), the island was the site of a large prison camp holding alleged communists and other dissidents.
New Order (Indonesia)SuhartoTransition to the New OrderIndonesia

Question 8: Buru island was identified in 14th century ________ manuscript, Nagarakretagama, as Hutan Kadali, the island with thick forest in eastern area near Ambon, Maluku, in the Spice Islands.
IndonesiaKediri (historical kingdom)MajapahitSrivijaya

Question 9: Ebony, teak, sago, and ________ are important products.

Question 10: While held at Buru, writer ________ wrote his Buru Quartet novels.
Pramoedya Ananta ToerSuhartoSukarnoIndonesia


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