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Question 1: Stack oriented processors, with 48 bit word length where each word was defined as data or program contributed significantly to a secure operating environment, long before ________ and viruses affected computing.
Rogue security softwareMalwareAdwareSpyware

Question 2: Burroughs also made military computers, such as the D825, in its Great Valley Laboratory in ________.
Downingtown, PennsylvaniaPhoenixville, PennsylvaniaEast Whiteland Township, Chester County, PennsylvaniaPaoli, Pennsylvania

Question 3: In the late 1960s the D2000, D4000 range was produced (also known as the TC500—Terminal Computer 500) which had a ________ and a 1K (80 bit) disk memory.
TypewriterIBM Selectric typewriterIBMChristopher Latham Sholes

Question 4: And while it was one of the largest producers of ________ in the world, Burroughs also produced related equipment as well, including typewriters and printers.
Mainframe computerSupercomputerMinicomputerCalculator

Question 5: B205 tape drives were often seen in shows such as ________ and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.
The Time TunnelEuropeEnglandUnited States

Question 6: The smallest general-purpose computers were the B700 "________" which were used both as stand-alone systems and as special-purpose data-communications or disk-subsystem controllers.
64-bitReduced instruction set computerMicroprocessorCentral processing unit

Question 7: Like IBM, Burroughs tried to supply a complete line of products for its customers, including Burroughs-designed printers, ________, tape drives, computer paper, and even typewriter ribbons.
Floppy diskHard disk driveOptical disc driveDisk storage

Question 8: The Sensimatic developed into the Sensitronic which could store balances on a ________ which was part of the ledger card.
Magnetic stripe cardMagnetic storageFloppy diskPayment card

Question 9: Burroughs B205 hardware has appeared as props in many ________ TV and movie productions from the 1960s onwards.
United StatesHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaNew EnglandWestern United States

Question 10: In 1886 the American Arithmometer Company was established in ________ to produce and sell an adding machine invented by William Seward Burroughs.
St. Louis County, MissouriGreater St. LouisKansas City, MissouriSt. Louis, Missouri


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