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Burning bush: Quiz


Question 1: The same logo is used from the separated ________.
Free Presbyterian Church of UlsterRepublic of IrelandPresbyterianismAnglicanism

Question 2: Yet Yahweh concedes and allows ________ to be sent to assist Moses, since Aaron is eloquent and was already on his way to meet Moses.
IsaacAaronEnoch (Biblical figure)Abraham

Question 3: When challenged on his identity, Yahweh replies that he is the God of the Patriarchs - ________, Isaac, and Jacob -[11] and that he is Yahweh.
Enoch (Biblical figure)EberDavidAbraham

Question 4: Icon of the Mother of God "the Unburnt Bush" ________ and Synaxarion of the feast
Hagia SophiaByzantine IconoclasmIconByzantine Empire

Question 5: The burning bush is an object described by the ________ as being located on Mount Horeb; according to the narrative, the bush was on fire, but was not consumed by the flames, hence the name.
Book of LeviticusBook of NumbersBook of ExodusBook of Deuteronomy

Question 6: The logo of the ________ is also an image of the Burning Bush with the phrase and the bush was not consumed in both English and in Hebrew[30].
American Jewish UniversityUnited Synagogue YouthJewish Theological Seminary of AmericaZiegler School of Rabbinic Studies

Question 7: The Burning Bush is also used as the basis of the symbol of the ________, which uses the Latin motto Ardens sed virens, meaning Burning but flourishing, and based on the same passage.
Presbyterian Church in IrelandChristianity in IrelandPresbyterianismUlster

Question 8: [12] The text derives Yahweh (יהוה) from the Hebrew word hayah (אהיה),[13] meaning he who is he, or I am that I am;[10 ] the ________ takes this to mean that Yahweh himself is equal to his name.
Nevi'imJewish philosophyKabbalahJewish eschatology

Question 9: The burning bush is also the symbol for the ________, Presbyterian Church in New Zealand and the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.
Presbyterian Church in CanadaWinnipegOntarioToronto

Question 10: The motto of the ________ is Nec tamen consumebatur - Latin for Yet it was not consumed, an allusion to the biblical story of the burning bush, and a stylised depiction of the burning bush is used as the Church's symbol.
Scottish Episcopal ChurchHistory of ScotlandScottish ReformationChurch of Scotland

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