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Question 1:
What family does Burmese language belong to?
Italiano centrale

Question 2: Burmese does not have ________ per se.
Preposition and postpositionAdverbAdjectiveNoun

Question 3: Sanskrit (religion), Chinese (games and food), and ________ (food, administration, and shipping) loan words are also found (albeit to a much lesser degree) in Burmese.
PaliPunjabi languageHindiHindustani language

Question 4:
Who of the following spoke at the Burmese language?
secondary language: 114 million
First and second language: 50+ million
Second language: 10 million
First language: 32 million

Question 5: Similar mergers are seen in other Sino-Tibetan languages like ________, and to a lesser extent, Cantonese.
Hakka (language)ShanghaineseChangzhou dialectSuzhou dialect

Question 6:
What region does Burmese language belong to?

Question 7: These verbs can modify a noun by means of a ________ (e.g.
ComplementizerAccusative caseGrammatical caseRelative clause

Question 8: In many Burmese words, aspirated consonant indicate ________ or a transitive verb, while unaspirated consonants indicate passive voice or an intransitive verb.
ClusivityAnimacyVoice (grammar)Grammatical case

Question 9: It is an ________, with all letters having an inherent vowel (a. [a̰] or [ə]).
DevanagariBrāhmī scriptAbugidaMalayalam script

Question 10: ________ is prevalent in Burmese and is used to intensify or weaken adjectives' meanings.
ReduplicationBengali languageProto-Indo-European languageInflection


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