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Burmese Indians: Quiz


Question 1: After he seized power through a military coup in 1962, General ________ ordered a large scale expulsion of Indians.
Ne WinThan ShweSaw MaungBurma

Question 2: The Chettiars in Burma by Sean Turnell, Economics Department, ________ [1].
Macquarie UniversityRMIT UniversityMonash UniversityAustralian National University

Question 3: ________
Indians in SingaporeIndo-CanadiansNon-resident Indian and Person of Indian OriginIndian American

Question 4: T. S. S. Rajan - Indian freedom-fighter and Minister of Health in ________ from 1937 to 1940.
Chennai CentralChennai EgmoreChennaiMadras Presidency

Question 5: Burmese Indians (Burmese: ကုလားလူမျိုး; MLCTS: ku. la: lu myui:) are a group of people of Indian subcontinental ethnicity who live in ________ (Burma).

Question 6: ________ or Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal Emperor was exiled to Rangoon after the Indian Rebellion of 1857.
Bahadur Shah IIHumayun's TombAkbar the GreatMughal Empire

Question 7: This caused a significant deterioration in Indian-Burmese relations and the Indian government arranged ferries and aircraft to lift Burmese of Indian ethnicity out of ________.

Question 8: [6] Many Burmese dishes and breads came as a result of Indian influence, prominently reflected in the Burmese version of Indian ________.
BiryaniIdliIndian Chinese cuisineHyderabad biryani

Question 9: The majority of Indians arrived in Burma whilst it was part of ________.
British EmpireBritish RajBengal PresidencyPresidencies and provinces of British India

Question 10: At the start of World War II, almost half of Rangoon's (Yangon) population was Indian or ________,[5 ] and about 16% of the population of Burma was ethnically Indian.
Brāhmī scriptSouth AsiaHindustani languagePunjabi language


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