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Burlington, Iowa: Quiz


Question 1: Robert Noyce, Co-founder of ________ and Intel also credited with the invention of the integrated circuit or microchip
Shockley Semiconductor LaboratoryFairchild SemiconductorIntel CorporationSilicon Valley

Question 2: John Murray Corse, ________ General
TennesseeAmerican Civil WarBleeding KansasUnited States

Question 3: ________, twice named the National Football League MVP*
Marshall FaulkEli ManningKurt WarnerPeyton Manning

Question 4: Kay A. Orr, ________ Governor and the first Republican woman Governor

Question 5: Commercial service is provided through ________.
Trans States AirlinesGreat Lakes AirlinesRepublic AirlinesSouthwest Airlines

Question 6: In 1837, Burlington became the second territorial capital of the ________.
Minnesota TerritoryIowa TerritoryMichigan TerritoryWisconsin Territory

Question 7: ________ (named after Burlington, Iowa)
Kenmare, North DakotaBurlington, North DakotaMinot, North DakotaWard County, North Dakota

Question 8: ________ is a morning newspaper published seven days a week.
The Hawk EyeIowa TerritoryIowaBurlington, Iowa

Question 9: In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson organized two parties of explorers to map the ________.
AcadiaNew FranceLouisiana PurchaseFrench colonial empire

Question 10: John H. Mickey, 17th governor of ________ from 1903 to 1907.

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