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Question 1: In ancient Rome, ________ who broke their vows were punished in this way.
Religion in ancient RomeVestal VirginAugustusPontifex Maximus

Question 2: Many ________ prescribe a particular way to live, which includes customs relating to disposal of the dead.
ReligionSoulAtheismRelationship between religion and science

Question 3: An additional benefit of using containers to hold the body is that if the soil covering the corpse is washed away by a ________ or some other natural process, the corpse will still not be exposed to open air.
NetherlandsFloodFlood controlHurricane Katrina

Question 4: Prehistoric ________ are referred to by the more neutral term grave field.
CemeteryHouseShopping mallNew town

Question 5: ________ burials are made extended, i.e., lying flat with arms and legs straight, or with the arms folded upon the chest, and with the eyes and mouth closed.
EcumenismChristian denominationBaptistChristianity

Question 6: The Zoroastrians have traditionally left their dead on ________, where the flesh of the corpses is left to be devoured by vultures and other carrion-eating birds.
Tower of SilenceFire templeAshaAtar

Question 7: This mirrors the layout of Christian churches, and for much the same reason; to view the coming of Christ on ________ (Eschaton).
End timeApocalypticismApocalypseLast Judgment

Question 8: Some burial sites at Forest Lawn, such as those of ________, Mary Pickford and Michael Jackson are secluded in private gated gardens or mausoleums with no public access.
James CagneyHumphrey BogartJames Stewart (actor)Lauren Bacall

Question 9: Most families bury deceased pets on their own properties, mainly in a yard, with a shoe box or any other type of container served as a ________.

Question 10: The remains of the Venerable or the Blessed are sometimes exhumed to see if they are supernaturally ________ and thus a Saint.
IncorruptibilityOrthodox ChurchJosaphat KuntsevychCatholic Church

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