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Question 1: At this time, the Burgundians were possibly living in the Vistula basin, according to the mid-6th-century historian of the ________, Jordanes.
Germanic peoplesWielbark cultureVandalsGoths

Question 2: Sometime after their war against the Alamanni, the Burgundians were beaten in battle by Fastida, king of the ________ and were overwhelmed and almost annihilated.

Question 3: In the year 369, the Emperor Valentinian I enlisted the aid of the Burgundians in his war against another Germanic tribe, the ________ (Ammianus, XXVIII, 5, 8-15).
Germanic peoplesSuebiFranksAlamanni

Question 4: Among them were the ________, Vandals, the Suevi, and possibly the Burgundians.
AlansSarmatiansScythiansIranian peoples

Question 5: In 457, Ricimer overthrew another emperor, ________, raising Majorian to the throne.
OlybriusAnthemiusLibius SeverusAvitus

Question 6: Ten years later, in 472, Ricimer–who was by now the son-in-law of the Western Emperor ________–was plotting with Gundobad to kill his father-in-law; Gundobad beheaded the emperor (apparently personally).
Zeno (emperor)AnthemiusLibius SeverusAvitus

Question 7: The Burgundians (Latin: Burgundiones) were an East Germanic tribe which may have emigrated from mainland Scandinavia to the island of ________, whose old form in Old Norse still was Burgundarholmr (the Island of the Burgundians), and from there to mainland Europe.
BornholmFrederiksberg MunicipalityFredericia MunicipalityKøge Municipality

Question 8: Following Stilicho's withdrawal of troops to fight ________ the Visigoth in AD 406-408, the northern tribes crossed the Rhine and entered the Empire in the Völkerwanderung, or Germanic migrations.
Theodosius IHonorius (emperor)Galla PlacidiaAlaric I

Question 9: Gregory states that Gundobad murdered his brother Chilperic, drowning his wife and exiling their daughters (one of whom was to become the wife of Clovis the ________, and was reputedly responsible for his conversion).
FranksSaxonsLombardsGermanic peoples

Question 10: The Burgundian kingdom was made part of the ________ kingdoms, and the Burgundians themselves were by and large absorbed as well.
Merovingian dynastyPippinidsCapetian dynastyJulio-Claudian dynasty


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