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Bunyip: Quiz


Question 1:
Where does Bunyip come from?

Question 2: [4][5] Various written accounts of bunyips were made by Europeans in the early and mid nineteenth century, as settlement spread across ________.
AustraliaUnited KingdomBarbadosCanada

Question 3: [2] The term ________ was first coined in 1853 to descibe Australians aspiring to be aristocrats.
Daniel DeniehyBunyip aristocracyWilliam WentworthNew South Wales

Question 4: In the early 1990s it was famously used by Prime Minister Paul Keating to describe members of the conservative ________ opposition.
Liberal Party of AustraliaAustralian Labor PartyNational Party of AustraliaAustralian federal election, 2007

Question 5:
What region does Bunyip belong to?
South East England
Mu00F8re og Romsdal
Throughout Australia

Question 6: These included a story in ________'s The Brown Fairy Book (1904).
PoetryHenry Rider HaggardHomerAndrew Lang

Question 7: Another suggestion is that the bunyip may be a cultural memory of extinct Australian marsupials such as the ________ or Palorchestes.
DiprotodontiaKoalaDiprotodonAustralian megafauna

Question 8: Bunyips were featured on the The Secret Saturdays in the episode "Into the Mouth of Darkness" with their vocal effects provided by ________.
Batman: The Brave and the BoldWhatever Happened to Robot Jones?Mike, Lu & OgDee Bradley Baker

Question 9: Visitors flocked to see it and ________ said that it prompted many people to speak out about their 'bunyip sightings.'[27]
Fairfax MediaIllawarra MercuryThe Sydney Morning HeraldThe Age

Question 10: [6] However, this translation may not accurately represent the role of the bunyip in ________ or its possible origins before written accounts were made.
Australian Aboriginal mythologyDreamtimeDreaming (spirituality)Indigenous Australians


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