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Bundle of rights: Quiz


Question 1: ________ and land banking are examples of efforts to rearrange the bundle of rights.
Community land trustBhoodan movementMartin Luther King, Jr.Intentional community

Question 2: A "________" - in which each stick represents an individual right - is a common analogy made for the bundle of rights.
FascesUnited StatesFascist symbolismAncient Rome

Question 3: For example, a husband and wife can be owners (technically, title owners) of real property that is also encumbered by a mortgage and a ________.
Mechanic's lienCaliforniaIllinoisFlorida

Question 4: While the bundle of rights concept is strongly rooted in ________, there are comparable ideas in civil law systems and religious law systems.
ShariaCivil law (legal system)Common lawReception statute

Question 5: Quasi-governmental bodies (such as utility companies) are also permitted to create ________ across private property.
Title (property)EasementRiparian water rightsAllodial title

Question 6: The bundle of rights is a common way to explain the complexities of ________ ownership.
Property lawPropertyLawIntellectual property

Question 7: For instance, a ________ government would allow a much different bundle of rights than a communist government.
Anarcho-capitalismCapitalismKeynesian economicsLaissez-faire

Question 8: Ownership of land is a much more complex proposition than simply acquiring all the ________ to it.
UtilitarianismJusticeImmanuel KantRights

Question 9: Extinguishing that ________ returns those rights or "sticks" to the bundle held by the owner.
MortgageProperty lawPropertyLien

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